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Lola's Pinoy Pastry

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Welcome to Lola's Pinoy Pastry, where our pastry creations are a true labor of love, inspired by the rich flavors and traditions of the Philippines. We are dedicated to preserving the authenticity and integrity of Filipino cuisine, passed down from my "Lola" (Grandma). Let us bring warmth, joy, and a taste of home to your next celebration or gathering. A little more about me and the inspiration behind Lola's Hi! I'm Regina Mateo. Growing up, my summer vacation was spent most of the time at my Lola's province in Bataan, Philippines. She would gather all her "apo" (grandkids) and make delicious meals, and "merienda" (afternoon snacks) after having our short swim from a nearby beach. Her humble wooden kitchen would always have smoke coming from her sweet and savory Filipino rice cakes and desserts as if she was preparing for a 'fiesta" (feast) in her house every day. For her, cooking and baking were not only her passion but also her love language to us, her grandchildren. Since her food was a hit in her town, she made sure to make it a source of income for her family of 8. This helped them financially along with my "Lolo's" (grandpa's) regular skilled job. Selling rice cakes and desserts became a habit of hers. Until it was passed down to us, her grandchildren. I vividly remember when I was a kid, I was assigned to sell one of her rice cakes, "sapin-sapin", in front of her house. I had this colorful layered sweet rice cake well-presented in a "bilao" (winnower) with a knife, trimmed banana leaves as individual containers, and my 3rd-grade mathematical skills in counting loose change for customers. She would make a lot of "merienda" and we would sell them to the town. This made me shout about my first-ever marketing campaign, "Lumpiang Sariwa!" (Fresh Vegetable Egg Roll), offering this snack to the customers while riding with my Aunt in a bicycle cart paddled by my male cousin. It was fun! Through Lola's Pinoy Pastries, I am able to share with you my precious childhood memories with my beloved Lola and her handcrafted Filipino pastries and desserts. These foods are fusions of Asian-Spanish influence which come in sweet, savory, and sometimes, in-between taste. Lola's Pinoy Pastries is not just another pass-down-family-recipes bakeshop, but also a celebration of warm love given to me by my "Lola '' through her homemade pastries and desserts.
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